The Scientological Illusion

Scientology can be used to enslave Man. It IS being used to enslave Man through various schemes, purposes and plans. Even though this enslavement is in direct opposition to the philosophy of Scientology, those who seek control over others will use anything and everything to ensure that their control over this planet remains unchallenged. Scientology, as created by L. Ron Hubbard, WAS a challenge to this hierarchy of control and so both the philosophy and the organization which was entrusted with it’s safe keeping were both conquered, altered and remade into something very much different than was first envisioned.

This is not something which is easily confrontable or perhaps even understandable, but these viewpoints do nothing but further the suppressive agenda already in place. The Scientology organization has already been destroyed, and the religion itself has become a shadow of it’s former self. These actions are high crimes and for those spiritual beings who have had even a small glimpse of the true nature of Scientology, will know just what I mean.

Proper Scientology practice DOES produce spiritual freedom. Of that there is no doubt, but the doubt that exists encompasses suppressed and altered data on the subject. THAT is the product that is currently being produced.

Spiritual freedom comes with a price tag. The payment that is required is the effort of engaging and overcoming those who wish the opposite. That is the only price of spiritual freedom. To be free one must overcome barriers. In order to come to terms with those barrier there MUST exist a certain amount of confront. Without it, the thetan remains asleep and blind to it’s outside environment and that is the state of affairs today.

Asleep and blind.

Part of becoming aware of your environment is to nurture your level of confront so that it becomes larger and larger. The ability to confront barriers destroys barriers. It takes more than just auditing to find out what spiritual freedom really means.

It takes more than just reading Scientology technical data. It takes more than gossiping and idle chatter. It takes more than just personal auditing. It takes a willingness to confront reality, however uncomfortable that reality may be.

In that reality, Truth can be found. All you have to do is look.

There are a number of illusions that have been created especially for your enjoyment. Some of these illusions have been so well accepted that they have ceased to be illusions and have take the appearance of reality. Illusions may appear as reality, but to an individual with eyes open, there is always a distinction.

Perhaps some of the illusions that appear on these pages will be confused with reality. Perhaps some will be rightfully exposed for what they are. In either case, when confronting reality it’s sometimes best to acquire the knowledge of how to determine which is which. Is it illusion or is it reality? They both take your agreement but where does the similarity end?


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