Casting Aside Our Empty Shells

Guns a-blazing, we step out into the limelight and explore our world, over and over again. Always more, more experience, more ideas, more concepts in which to fill our sand box and though we enjoy it all in girlish delight tormented do we become when reality comes a-calling.

Growing up means leaving something behind.

As we embrace our spiritual nature something must be offered to the gods. Something must be sacrificed on the altar of knowledge. What else can we give but the tangible flesh of our bodies. What physicality can we part with other that which is so near and dear to us, that which we would fight for until the end in order to claim ownership?

For most, a passage through life would be incomplete without the bond of our physical home. Separation, whether in thought, word or deed is nothing but another concept in which we honor our sand box with. In reality, nothing changes as we alternate between one concept and another, fooling ourselves that we are ‘free’ and trusting in our Master and Slave relationship.

Growing up means leaving something behind.

But what if the ‘something’ which must be left behind is not ours to begin with? What if our physical home was never ours to call home in the first place. What if, in our childish delight, we simply pretended that we are the kings of all we survey. In our Quest for freedom we take all as prisoners and keep them for ourselves. Gathering all to ourselves, we enrich and endow ourselves with great powers in order that our rightful place as rulers be not only acknowledged but respected, if not worshipped. Where does it all end?

To what ends are we leading ourselves? Obviously, all of our actions, all of our thoughts and deeds have a goal in mind and they all originate from our dwelling. From the safety of our abode, we are secure in the knowledge that we exist and so, by design, others exist for our pleasure.

Home IS where the Heart is, but the Heart IS home. The flesh can do nothing for us but ensure our survival in the world of Man. Breaking step, the brave march not alone but with the blessings of the entire Universe. Who could possibly beat that?

Casting aside our empty shells, we become greater than both ourselves, and our so-called place of abode. Pleasure no longer centers upon our physical means but upon the Universe. You see, we ARE one with the Universe and when, in due course, we become the bullet in the chamber, with explosive force do we realize that we have always been free. Casting aside our shells leaves us in the realization and experience of being whole and complete.

From there, our childish nature is left behind for all of eternity.

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