Who's In Charge Of This Planet?

Is there a 'someone' in charge? An elitist group perhaps? How about an alien agenda? Maybe no one is in charge, just our own narcissistic urges.

There is a TON of information available that points in all directions, including in and upon itself. That is easy to see, but if we were to sit down and try to sort it all out, well... that would take quite a bit of effort not to mention a length of time that will surely put us all in the grave and beyond the reach of doing any good at all. If we are waiting for our next lifetime to make a difference I have news for you: it will be much worse than what it is now, so I would suggest rethinking the thinking of putting it all off 'till tomorrow.

There are two rules to follow in making sense of both information and disinformation.

  1. Who benefits?
  2. Follow the money.

Of course there is also my favorite method of untying the Gordian Knot: Directness.

Let's continue the listing...

Well, did anything jump out yet. Perhaps some resistance on an item? Just don't let your own individual experience cloud your perception.

All these groups DEMONSTRATE a propensity toward evil but like any good evil-doer knows, you don't stick your own foot in the door to gain entry, you use someone else's.


Xenu is always a good example and poster child (gasp!) of the n'er do well. Not only does he play hide and seek very, very well, but he also means what he says. Nothing like a little honesty, eh? :-)

In the twisted tale and tales of Xenu, he is greatly misunderstood. Perhaps, in this discussion, we can refer to him in a way that marks differently with the commonly accepted, bantered about, definition. Good is on one side of the table, evil on the other.

Did you know that it is impossible to find a being who is wholly and completely evil? We all share a common ground from which we have sprung and when we find evil in one, we find it in ourselves.

Evil cannot confront good, but it can confront the evil in good. So when evil comes a-calling guest what - it's being attracted by SOMEthing. There is more to this than just that, but that is a different subject matter.

If one were to perceive lines of communication, or affinity, world wide it would be as plain as the nose on our faces that there are a number of lines that reach out into the beyond. Tracking those tell-tale lines takes another depth of perception not just because of space but because of tricks and traps as well. Oh how we love to play games!

If you've come this far then you obviously know that whatever group or individual that has their foot in the door is just a stooge. And like any good well laid plan, there are plenty of 'foots' in the door.

But they are all superfluous and teaching and training the thetans on this planet how to deal with these stooges of evil is nothing but giving a lesson in how to become the defeated over and over again. You cannot win the fight when you are busy fighting the wrong enemy. ALL of the groups listed above are not the enemy. Yes, they effuse evil, but in the Free Zone we do not waste our attention, our methods or our efforts on the little fights, we go for the gold. It is no different for ourselves.

This means that not only are all the lines of communication off-planet exactly and clearly defined, but we also lavish much attention on the OTHER end of those lines. And this is where it gets very, very interesting. Yes, indeed.

So, who, exactly is in charge on this planet?

It's not who you think it is and it's not who you would like it to be.

One of the interesting things about the forces of evil is that once we get past the front lines, the rest becomes quite visible, quite quickly. Darkness rules with an iron hand and can ill afford the luxury of trust. Of course, getting sleepy thetans to even SEE the front lines, especially on this planet, is like getting a root canal without anesthesia. Not me!

To see evil is to see ourselves. To see good is to see ourselves. It's nothing but two sides to the same coin.

So why do we tend to only look at one side?


The nice thing about the power hungry is that they can be fed ANYthing as long as it's connected, in SOME way, to what their idea of power is. Fishing can be a very fun sport, and so I am a fisher of men.

As the thetans run from their idea of a root canal, we bait them with truth attached to the idea of spiritual freedom. Once they've bitten, we get rid of the idea and let them replace it with reality.

And as far as those off-planet lines of control go...

We bait them with truth attached to the idea of spiritual freedom, then we get rid of the idea and let them replace it with reality. After a time, even the bottom dwellers 'get it'.

Here's a question: How many feet does a bottom dweller have?

Here's the answer: None when they fly through the heavens on wings of justice.

I wonder. Is that a threat? :-)


In order to bring this back down to Earth:

Typically, OT's, or spiritually free beings, rarely gather since by their very nature there is absolutely no reason to. It's part and parcel of one's nature to do what needs be done and not be in some Sunday social gathering, sewing the latest fashions. But it does, from time to time, happen.

The movie "Highlander" comes close to conjuring up the idea of what a 'gathering' is like. Of course, the movie is just slightly close in that ONE aspect. The rest is for the flip side.

But... when a gathering does occur, as if by some strange and unknown sign or occurrence which we are not privy to, it is a phenomenon to see. It scares the daylights out of the Shadows. Maybe I should say that it scares the Night out of the Daylight, that would probably be more correct.

If you are in a mood for a bit of entertainment sometime, get a Shadow in session and say: "Recall a time of OT's gathering."

I'm not sure if I should warn you to duck or to not laugh your butt off.

This is, of course, done in a responsible, ethical manner. Typically though, once a Shadow gets wind of your intention, they will flee before you even get the chance to THINK about the question. That's also entertainment.

This is being associated with entertainment because in a gathering of OT's there is no such thing as being serious.

Don't mistake that for cruelty.

I have the feeling that a few 'somebodies' are formulating themselves to gather together. Maybe they're going to do the 'cluster bomb' thing. I hope they tell me beforehand so I have enough time to set up my favorite lounge chair, grab some lemonade and watch the sparks fly.

I love it when that happens.


Does all of this lead us to a definitive answer? Inwardly, it certainly does, but outwardly is another story. Finding one's truth is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Before you can find it you have to lose it.

Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to just see what there is to see? We all must see for ourselves as no one can show you the way. It can be pointed out, but most Earthers are too busy making sure that they look good in their extremely dark sunglasses to walk the walk. "Where?" comes the reply. It's like perpetually living in the shadows.

Anybody got a candle?

Anybody want one?

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