The Free Zone Condition

The Free Zone does not concern itself with ideological thoughts and theories, of practices and procedures all undertaken in an effort to improve upon one's condition in life. There is no concern for metering, lists and arc breaks all geared toward peeling the onion of mind-full matters.

What does concern the Free Zone is a safe haven.

In order to study and practice a religious way of life there must come a time and place whereby these events are allowed to occur without resistance or restrain. This planet has already been overwhelmed with a plethora of personal philosophies all intent on resisting and overcoming everything in their path of deceit and destruction. In this arena of killers and killing a clear route to one's spiritual freedom comes to be but a dream.

The Free Zone was created to provide the mechanism for that dream to be realized.

In order for the Free Zone to carry out it's duties there must be an ethical understanding of what is at stake. We do not free beings we free attention so that beings may provide for their own freedom. In this encompassing endeavor all sorts of requirements come to be met, to be confronted and responsibly handled. There is no urge to create organizations, committees or any type of like-minded approaches to full-filling it's task and tasks. The Free Zone is neither limited in scope nor narrow in plan. This operational aspect is quite separate and apart from the processes and procedures of auditing and yet it dynamically carries out the same.

The road out is the road out and the Free Zone can be considered to be another step on the ladder of dynamic alignment. In greater responsibility lie the tasks which few are able to face but this is the purpose of auditing - to expand responsibility, to lay claim to ALL of the dynamics.

The Free Zone lays claim to the third dynamic as applicable in this Sector. This is why you will not find those elements which occur on the lower dynamics apparent here, they simply do not survive.

A further explanation of the Dynamics

It is commonly accepted that the 3rd Dynamic is that of groups and the 4th Dynamic is that of mankind. This is true as applicable to Earth. In the Free Zone mankind, as established on Earth, is a 3rd dynamic activity as it is a group on one planet. It is not considered in a 4th dynamic manner which, according to the Free Zone, would include all intelligent species in the universe. In this respect this dynamic is also referred to as "Man" with a capital 'M' - a 4th dynamic reference.

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