'Normal' Communication

Communication is a wonderful tool in getting a message across the great divide and arriving at a receipt point. Through time and space as the medium of transference something can be moved from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.

One of the most basic and important things to learn and do in Scientology is the Communications Course. I have no idea how it is currently being brought to bear, but from a purpose and plan point of view this course is just about paramount in it’s importance. Not only does it encourage one to become aware of one’s own communication but it also establishes the being in awareness. By becoming aware of your own communication, your thoughts, ideas and concepts, you become aware of that which is doing the looking. To see is to be.

In order for a message to be received at point ‘B’ there must be an awareness of that point, an awareness of the origination point and an awareness of the concept to be relayed. It really just comes down to awareness, an awareness of what is going on.

Typically, most people get their awareness at the television level. They see and they do. It’s called show and tell and it has nothing to do with spiritual awareness, only enslavement and entrapment. The only beingness involved at this level is of reflection. One reflects that which others desire. This reflection is, of course, nothing but a red flag sticking up in the air saying “Don’t bother me, I’m hiding!”. No sane being would become a reflecting point as it denies beingness. This is one reason why it becomes extremely difficult for some to grant beingness to others. On cannot grant that which one does not ‘have’.

Currently, there is a page called “Comm Center” which provides a way for those who visit here to send a note or message to the Administrator. It’s called an open door for future possibilities. This open door has but one requirement and that is one of communication - to use it as a means of relaying a thought, idea or concept from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Point ‘A’ being the visitor to the website and point ‘B’ being the Administrator.

Since this website is founded upon the principals and ideals of Scientology in it’s original form, this communication method follows the ‘normal’ ideological procedures of the Communication Course.

  1. First, know that you are.
  2. Second, understand that point ‘B’ exists for the purpose of communication receipt.
  3. Third, relay that which you wish to be made known at point ‘B’ in a manner that will ensure it’s arrival and comprehension.
  4. Fourth, complete the cycle of action.

These points are being made in this manner to amplify the concept being relayed here.

Communicating through the CommCenter allows for a thought-full cycle of expression to occur. If a thought, idea or concept is to be made known to the Administrator then that thought, idea or concept must be relayed in such a manner as to correlate to and with the Communications Course. It really comes down to basic communication skills. When these skills are out so too will be the thoughts, ideas and concepts of the originating point.

In other words - and this is for those not appraised of communication skills, please relay your thoughts, ideas and concepts in a clear, straight-forward and understandable manner. One liners are great for comedy shows but please, try to be a bit more serious when it comes to that. Lots of people can joke about their physical nature but few take their spiritual nature lightly.

When you know that you ‘are’, when OT TR Zero comes to be fully and completely understood and realized then any type of communication ‘skill’ becomes far less important but for those taking their first tentative steps towards spiritual awareness communication is much more than just good practices it becomes imperative.

And so it is.

Additional information

Here is some additional data and information obtained from Google. First, a post that was made about OT TR0. Please note that OT TR 0 is not meditation, it is simply being there and confronting.

From: “Mark Adams” <ad…@psilink.com|
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: TR0
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 95 22:09:02 -0700
Message-ID: <2998879651.2.adams@psilink.com>


NAME: Operating Thetan Confronting


POSITION: Student and coach sit facing each other with eyes closed, a comfortable distance apart - about three feet apart.

PURPOSE: To train the student to be there comfortably and confront another person. The idea is to get the student to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of another person, to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.

TRAINING STRESS: Student and coach sit facing each other with eyes closed. There is no conversation. This is a silent drill. There is NO twitching, moving, confronting with a body part, “system” or vias used to confront or anything else added to BE there. One will usually see blackness or an area of the room when one’s eyes are closed. BE THERE, COMFORTABLY AND CONFRONT.

When a student can BE there, comfortably and confront and has reached a ‘major stable win’, the drill is passed.

HISTORY: Developed by L. Ron Hubbard in June ‘71 to give an additional gradient to confronting and eliminate students confronting with their eyes, blinking etc.

Next is an extract from the now deceased Ken Ogger aka ‘The Pilot’. In his SUPER SCIO ARCHIVE 38 - EARLY OCT 98 PILOT POSTS TO ACT Ken brings attention to another post made by a different author:

From: f…@fza.org (FreeZone America)
Date: 1998/10/20
Message-ID: <362da8ea.1283743@news3.newscene.com|
Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology


subj : Super Scio Tech - Chakras, Locationals, Lisa, Etc (attn Lightning)

CHAKRAS, LOCATIONALS, LISA, ETC. (Attn Lightning, JimC etc.)


I’m not a CS.
I think that the Pilot would be able to answer
this much better.
I know that he doesn’t think much about OT-TR0
but for me it has worked wonders with body problems.

Don’t let me invalidate anything that works for you.

I think that OT TR0 might leave the person too free to get into trouble and prefer giving somebody a drill to do such as spotting things with their eyes closed.

This is one of those things that points out the dangers of Ken’s off-path approach to Scientology. Knowing that you are is neither dangerous nor troublesome - it’s all that there is.

Spotting things instead of simply being there and confronting is meditation and that is NOT Scientology.

Also, without invalidating incorrectness how does one progress spiritually? If the wrong path is being taken is it not the responsibility of the guide to yell, at the top of their voice: “DON’T GO OFF THE PATH! Stay on-course and on-purpose!”.

In this respect, there is a jungle out there and by taking the wrong path in an attempt to make an easy way out nothing but pain and suffering awaits. That is not the way through. The way through is the way through. Plain and simple.


The bottom line here is that before you communicate, KNOW THAT YOU ARE and then BE THERE.

This is far removed from having a beingness called Johnny Jones which enjoys asking all sorts of silly questions and making all sorts of silly statements. There is no interest nor desire in such expression here.

Now you know the difference between communication and the expression of the havingness of an assumed beingness. In valence language you are what you think and trying to get others to join in will fail miserably here. But real communication is guaranteed to hit home.

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