Motion In Commotion

Change continuously occurs sometimes despite or even in spite of our best intentions, whatever they may be. In motion we tend to find happiness. When we go to the beach for a summer's day of rest and relaxation we seek to find inner peace and happiness. In action we take flight in search of one thing or another in the hopes and dreams that we will finally and terminally obtain the peace and happiness we yearn for. In action we cause commotion and in the stirring of the pot, sometimes we reap but mostly we sow.

As our search and discovery of great magnitude continues we always seem to come up short. The peace and happiness we so desire comes to be but of short duration as our interest comes to be captured and enraptured in the commotion of life and living. Taking it's leave we let peace and happiness leave. Perhaps our efforts will once again cause it to be reborn and on we go running fast and furious upon the Wheel of Life. Striving ever harder with greater endurance we force our wishes to come true only to find that they continue to stay but one step ahead, one step away from perpetual peace and happiness.

It is Man's nature to seek peace and happiness in self created commotion for the thinking goes that only in commotion can one find peace and tranquility, only in confusion can one find stability, only in sorrow can one find happiness. In creating disharmony we create the harmonic and fall by the way-side choosing one at the exclusion of the other.

"It must be either black or white with no gray between." Insecurity is the gray area between right and wrong, between exclusionary items and so becomes a sign of weakness. When one cannot decide which choice is 'right' then customary rules require that the holder be put aside as being a non-player. When a choice is made then the sides begin with the battle raging in full dress.

But Man's desire to be is but another commotion on the train going no-where. It is not our nature to be at peace and it is not our nature to not be at peace. Both of these items on the scale of justice require our action. But what if there was no action, what then would be our nature? If all emotional content finds it's origin within us then surely our being is much greater, much grander than what we could ever envision. Beyond our line of sight what then exists?

In motion we cannot see as our sight has already taken us away on some far off adventure.

We are the adventure.

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