Motion In Commotion : Info

Man's foray into the great unknown is simply a lack of knowledge. The battle we fight is not for the so-called rights and privileges of being, but of our own conquest. When we overcome our selves we do not become anything in the process, we finally and fully realize that we are. Anything else is Motion In Commotion.

Right now this planet barely has the conscious notion that it's freedom, it's inhabitant's spiritual being, has existence. This is actually a step up from it's previous state of being, one of having no consciousness of it's own self. When one does not know they are, all sorts of base and inhuman conditions come to be embraced. In naivety we open the door to any and all who knock upon it no matter how strange, unusual or inhuman their moral standards. In naivety we become as we are shown.

The moral of the story is sometimes children need to be protected from their own ignorance until a maturity takes root which gives them the ability to choose right from wrong, to choose that which is best and to discard the rest - with full and complete responsibility for each and every action.

The Free Zone understands this quite well and so is quite well prepared for what that entails.

When prisoners come to terms with the prison of their own making something becomes unleashed. I wouldn't want to be in the way of that. :-)

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