Things That Go *Bump* In The Night

Night time is the time of fear, of darkness and limited perception. When the sun goes down all of our hopes and dreams die along with it. We yearn for the morning and of the light of knowledge to come.

One such fear is Marcabian in nature.

Spoken of as ‘Marcabian’ or with the colloquial ‘Markabian” full of inner understanding, the reference remains the same. The fear of the darkness and of all it entails. But what is this fear, this inner turmoil laid upon the spirit of beings under one roof? Gathered in like-minded apprehension fear drives the engine of hiding in the shadows. Despite the fact that throwing out the money-changers requires a death, there are those who stand firm and tall against the deluge, the deluge of an all-encompassing fear which no Man can turn a blind eye to. Hiding in the shadows is no measure for one who is at the full command of self. Responsibility goes a long way to unravelling the mystery of hidden sight.

This planet has been overrun by the money-changers and in a strange twist of fate, the populace embraces the ideology. Prisoners or slaves, there is little difference in the end result - hiding in the shadows of fear.

Jontu, ala David Griffin, wrote a great piece on the term “Marcabian”.

David, if you return to the Land of the Living, so too will I.

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