The Winners And The Losers

For many a spiritual interest takes the form of Scientology. It's logical and clear constructs promote an easy to understand route to well being. It works and so a beginning is made into the vast unknown reaches of our own nature. But it doesn't stop there, or more exactly, sometimes it does stop much, much sooner.

The organization called Scientology is well known as having taken a off-course, off-target path into a selfish mirage of enlightenment. Taking the unaltered route, this becomes quite obvious to the Bridge-walker but for those who completely miss the purpose and the plan of the philosophical nature of Scientology they either endure the mind-numbing atmosphere and became as the Borg or, being denied a place among the chosen, they withdraw and call it a day.

It becomes a choice - either submit or get out.

Those who submit became a piece of the machine and instead of reaching the promised land find that comfort can be gained by simply taking orders and doing whatever it is they are told unquestioningly. A piece is expected to behave accordingly and they do - all the while denying their own spirituality.

Many get out and leave Scientology far, far behind hoping that perhaps in the distant past redemption can be called upon. These are the losers. Losing in the game of spiritual conquest, they return to the land of Life and Living. Once again lost and alone, their gains and insights quickly diminish and they become as the rest of the walking dead. Losing is indeed the field of play for a pawn, a piece in the mechanism of life. There is no room for spirituality here.

There are others, though few and far between who take their leave of this now obvious ploy of conquest, to continue their own, true to form path to ultimate victory. The pawn, when moving up the ranks, becomes a very dangerous thing. Dangerous in the respect that no stone comes to be unturned in their conquest of self. Courage is mandatory and the results unmistakable. It's a strange and ironic axiom that Scientology comes to be found outside of Scientology.

For those who cater to no one but their own nature, I salute you. And for those who cater to selfishness, to lies, deceit, pain and anguish, I say best wishes for you will require all the best wishes you can muster to cross the Great Divide - and even then you will come up short

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