How Good Are We?

Entering the twilight of our age, who is it that will save us from ourselves? If we lack the courage to engage ourselves and still continue to yearn for freedom, placing our rights and responsibilities at the feet of another will gain us nothing but further slavery. If we fail to meet ourselves destruction becomes a natural consequence with time undertaking the role of enemy. Not only time, but space as well. They will all seek to attain harmony and even though man would rather destroy everything about him than to harbor a courage of one's self, all comes to naught. Efforts are always wasted when purpose and plan are of utmost importance.

How do we see Life when our eyes are glazed over with our own beingness. If not one set of clothes, then perhaps another until finally we realize that the clothes do not make the man.

It takes courage to see beyond the facade because we fully know just how painful the truth of our destruction can be, and we must face the idea of that pain or else we become subjected to being cast out. We all know that when one is cast away it tends to fight quite furiously to be let back in.

That is the fight we must endure in order to reveal the nature of ourselves which we have stowed away. If one does not give it their full attention, then of what use are any contraptions brought about by the mind of man? They merely become another means of waylaying ourselves along the way. We tend to be very good at that indeed.

But how good are we at being our selves?

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