Trial By Fire, Trail By Tears

Becoming unglued, we search and reach for the safety of our netting and yet as time and experience weep forward our lust for comfort comes to know no bounds and so becomes unbounded. We are everywhere we want to be.

In desperation we turn a good deed and expect the rewards we so lavishly praise upon ourselves. Following in the footsteps of great men we never come to realize that it is these great men to which we have given the responsibility for our own demise and in so being ennobled they grant us the privilege of finding out the hard way that the path we are on has purpose and plan.

Cleansing our minds, we watch our egotistical methods of madness grow. To what ends do we continue the farce of running from ourselves in sheer terror? To what ends do we take justice in a slash and burn society? In poetry we find song and in this search of forgotten neglect we relish each and every opportunity to become one thing or another, to wear a different set of clothes for a different set of adventures.

Our nature precludes us from knowing ourselves as we are not a thing to look in the mirror at and say "That is me!". Pointing to all else, we define ourselves and yet in this search of great magnitude we utterly fail. We are as we are in all the when's of our making.

Testing the will of Man requires a will of strength but is this really so? Must we, ourselves, defy that which we seek to set right? When eternity knocks on our door do well peek through the safety port before coming to a decision? Are we ruled by the gods of sheer insanity cloaked in comfort and treasures?

The route to happiness does not lie through the front door as stepping out into the universe of change belies the fact of permanency. We simply cannot and will not survive. At the trails end there are few survivors but few enough to stake the claim of consequences and regret.

But we are far, far removed from that now.

Killing the messenger never goes out of style and as civilization expands in it's explosion of time the weak do inherit the Earth. But this is only the honor of self-delusion and in the colonization of time and space tricks and tracks become the way of nature - of Man's natural tendency to accept and embrace the fear of what lies beyond the sight of mind.

One does not gain by clutching as a drowning victim pulls all survivors to their depths of self realization. One cannot embrace the miracle of life when one actively seeks to refrain from it's touch. We are what and who we are - no more and no less.

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