In Time Of Need

In time of need, we become needfull. To be "need-full" one must be devoid of need and thereby undertake the quest of full-filling the vacancy. Our cup must be filled to overflowing. In this search and discovery of great intent we relish the obstacles of our own making. What glorious fun it is to lack!

In this ideological establishment of 'need' we color our world and all becomes as it should - with due regard to our most firm conviction. There is 'need' and we are it!

In order to vanquish this most devious foe it is believed that the container must be filled and thereby closure to be had. Unfortunately, this gives no regard to the underlaying principals of existence. The 'need' to exist is paramount and typically overlooked with gusto. In this decision to 'be' we create our existence and live the good life with all of it's ups and downs, pains and sorrows. Foundationally, our perception fails us as our decisions are always correct and true, tried and true. In capturing our interest we become awareness in principal and in thus doing our foundation crumbles.

With nothing to stand on there is nothing to gain or lose and so the House of Cards tumbles with no distinction what-so-ever. Looking out across the vast wasteland of our making we come to see that this is no life in which to live - die, perhaps, but not one in which we should take pride nor existence. Establishing our selves, there is no other reason for being. When the need disappears, so too do we.

Upholding the banner of identity we charge each and every windmill we see, each and every opportunity we create. Without such, the peace which eludes us is already extant. In the quest of it's destruction we always utterly fail. In the quest of it's establishment we always utterly fail. One cannot take away nor add to what already is in establishment though through the tricks of the mind effort comes to be established and relished with glee.

Once the die is cast, only the bearer may rescind the offer.

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