Thetans Again

The following post, which comes from one of the old Forums here on, has been a favorite of mine for quite a while now. The reason for this is that this LRH extract is quite clear and straight-forward. If a person is, in any way, concerned about their survival then they are obviously well connected with their body. On the other hand, if a person has no concerns what-so-ever about their survival, then the physical form means diddly-squat.

A thetan who concerns itself with the idea of survival creates the limitation which they must then endure.

This is really very simple. A thetan can create anything so why then, would a thetan create the idea of limitation? Why would one limit one's self and then turn around and attempt to become "free" of that limitation? Not to be free, but to become free - free of one's endured limitations. Obviously the attention here is on the time aspect, of the continuation or endurance of the 'survival' of one's thoughts, ideas and concepts.

By holding onto our ideas we create a field of time in which we can then attempt to become 'free' of them. In this arena Scientology (as correctly applied) breaks the mechanism of control and re-establishes one's own beinginess. By confronting one's decisions one becomes free of them. By revealing the source, we are.

In our decision to avoid self-inspection we create the continuity without which our thoughts, ideas and concepts would cease to be. In auditing, this continuity becomes broken as a result of the inspection of both the decision and the decision making process. From this clarity - and sanity, ensues.

Continuity is the chain which binds the basic decision and creates survival. In our quest of perpetual beingness, our quest of perpetual survival, without continuity we would all be dead. Since life is for the living can there be life after death? Can there be existence beyond a beingness which establishes characteristics and traits in a field of play? From where did this game of survival originate?

By following the string back home we reveal the source of who or what we really are.


Here is the post:

Posted To: Discussion Board
Subject: Thetans Again
From: fileclerk
Date: Friday, March 3, 2000 - 12:19 am:

This thetan will be attached to and still haunting the interior of this body to the degree that he thinks he has to survive. If he has any slightest feeling about "having to survive", he'll keep one foot on home plate.

He feels he's got to survive as a thetan? Nonsense!

How could he possibly survive as a thetan?

Survival means continued duration in one state or another. And if he has an idea that he has to do something to continue his duration or beingness, he's not out of the body.

He's still in the stream called time, which is just havingness, he's mixed up with space and he's mixed up with energy and that means to say when he makes a postulate it will have some energy in it.

Therefore his postulates will have to be changed over from some old, ancient postulate.

Believe me, he isn't even vaguely worried about survival if he's really out.

L.Ron Hubbard, PDC SL 2 - SOP 5 Long Form Step I - c530114b

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