Driving Miss Daisy

A drivers license is a requirement by the State to ensure that a person wishing to freely move about and on the roadways become identified and identifiable. In order to create regimented and orderly activities upon these roadways, the driver must be clearly and readily tracked by the State. The driver's physical constructs must be uniquely identifiable and exact information comes to be paramount in the form of renewing and revalidating one's wish to join the people's congress upon the public roadways. By signing on the dotted line the driver agrees to abide and submit to the State as a duly authorized entity whose bests interests are bourne out in identifying one's physical form.

As a spiritual being we take form and become manifest. Without a physical form we become unable to participate upon the road of life and living. By being so rejected we agree to be bound by terms and limitations as we undertake the arduous task of sustaining our good looks. Embodiment creates our identification and so we become known.

Drivers upon the highways of existence pass each other and sometimes share a wave of acknowledgment. That red sports car is Fred's and he is such a fine fellow! Hey there, Fred!

Good looks gets us noticed and as we take great care with our identities we relish in the glory that others do the same. We must move along in an orderly and construed manner. Join us!

Posing for our license we smile for the State, delighted that we have received it's blessings. Our bodies become the symbol with the mind following suit. Prison bars of our own making indeed.

03 Jan 2008

Driving Miss Daisy : Info

Driving Miss Daisy brings up a good point. We become what is required of us. This is true in so many ways.

When we relinquish our self determination, another will pick it up and hold sway over us. When we expand our own dynamic alignment, we become part and parcel of it's movement, plan and purpose. In either case, our own self determination comes to be seen as the ghost that it really is.

These words can be terrifying to the bank of action and reaction called the mind. It's nature is to dominate it's environment to ensure it's own survival. Luckily as a spiritual being, we belabor no such silly notions. Our survival is already perpetually extant.

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