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Free Zone America has been around for quite some time. According to various projects and such the website has been active or dormant as necessitated. From hosting wild and crazy practices and procedures to the hint of reality, the gamut has been run. Today, (15 Nov 2007) fza.org comes alive yet again.

It's no secret around these here parts that nothing is ever guaranteed. If one is looking for a safe and comfortable existence, please find the closest television set, turn it on and mesmerize one's awareness with pretty pictures, of thoughts, ideas and concepts. Go ahead and fill 'er up!

But spiritual awareness requires something much, much different. It also requires a completely new perspective of how to view. We do indeed color our world and we are it!

Scientology, upon which any Free Zone activity is based, has come to have many meanings, definitions and justifications. Here, we have none of that as we remain rooted firmly and completely in it's philosophy and principals - it's actual purposes and plans, goals and fullfillments. If one wishes for entertainment please see the above note regarding the television set.

Our direct approach, bypassing all forms of entertainment and capitalistic venues, requires the utmost discipline and intent. These requirements do not sit well with those of a cattle-like mentality but be assured that the only way to complete and total freedom is to leave all that behind. Not to just leave it, but to drop the proclivity for such doingness entirely. There is a lot of confusion out and about this planet but there is no such "problem" here.

Free Zone America is not a delivery center. We do not deliver services and procedures for the paying public. There is no price on freedom so monetary rewards have absolutely no bearing or value here. Our scope covers the full dynamics and impedes no being anywhere at any time. Our nature requires us to validate beingness with the naturally occurring byproduct of impeding entheta, or the darkness of one's own being.

In this respect we do not stalk the "light" as it is already in existence. We merely uncover the dust and cobwebs of justifying it's relegation to obscurity. Make no mistake, no matter how fast and hard we may run we will never escape our selves.

The term Free Zone is a way of saying that we stake our selves to this purpose at hand and come what may, we stand firm. It does take courage to face one's self much in the same way it happens across the dynamics. Only out there1, away from our own individualistic tendencies or characteristics, do we find the Freedom so many idly gossip about. Only in here1 do we find the answers to all of the problems of our own making. Only now do we have the moment in which to full-fill our beingness and enjoy the Freedom our minds can only dream about.

Free Zone America

  1. The terms "in here" and "out there" are defined based upon one's awareness perspective or viewpoint.
    * See also: Previous FZA Info 

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