Fire Ants

Disturbing the nest, they all come out running and screaming, looking for the threat of mass extinction. Something, or someone, is going to pay.

When walking into a Den of Thieves it is best to be not just clear, but at full authority over oneself. At the slightest twitch you can be sure that the entry will be well received.

Learning Life's lessons doesn't mean the end is near. It just means that the attention wonders on over to the next big thing. So when you are done with interesting experiences perhaps wisdom will then arrive to let you know a thing or too. When it does, preparation won't mean a thing.

Preparing for battle is like losing the battle. Even in winning the victory comes to be tested until finally relinquished. Nothing has changed.

It's just a matter of one's nature. Truth has no battle in which to purify it's existence. It always IS.

"Johnny, do you want to watch a movie or go out and kill the invaders?"

"Ahh, I don't know. Maybe I'll go and get a haircut instead. Is that OK Mom? The movie is predictable and the invaders are gonna lose anyway, so what's the point?"

There is no storm like the one of wisdom. Things indeed do just "happen".

But you have to be awake to know that.

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