Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?

There was a time when the lights did indeed go out. The _Spark of Creation__, sometimes called ‘thetan”, came to be dimmed and slowly but inexorably, went out. How could this shining star, this perpetual brightness, ever come to be less than what it originally was. If a thing exists, it exists as it is, not as ‘something else’. But there came a time when eventually, the ‘something else” came to be in place of ‘what is’.

In this strange twist of conceptualization perpetuity became limited. In this eradication of ‘is’, there came to be the creation of ‘what is’. When the light went out the spark of creation left town - or so it seemed. There is no room for both as it’s an either/or menu selection. One is exclusive to the other. But is this exclusivity real? How can the ‘is’ become ‘not is’? The answer is quite simple.

Welcome to life to living.

Will the last one out please turn off the lights?

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