As The World Turns

One good turn deserves another. As the world turns existence becomes perpetuated. Life goes on and though dark and dreary to some and uplifting and rewarding to others, life goes on with or without you. In this conceptual understanding we place a future upon our selves where we act as nothing but observers. Who could not help but be sad in being denied a chance to play in the game. Life is not a spectator sport and though neutrality waves it's banner on high, there is no such thing.

We come to be born and in this guarantee, we die. And yet, life goes on. Beyond the threshold, spiritual experience continues unabated. Is this but another chapter in the life of beingness? To what end do we step through door upon door into the world of life and living? If not in the physical, surely in the spiritual. In concepts we take flight and as a tourist we relish our trinkets of where and when.

Stepping through our own creation the 'other side" prevails. But what happens when there is no 'other side'? What happens when we come face-to-face with our own existence and find that we simply 'are'. No reason, no convictions, no beliefs and no propulsion into a beyond only we can imagine.

Could striking the root be any easier?

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