Pin The Blame on Susie

Every group, every cluster, every 'loosely organized' (supposedly, the 'FreeZone') handful of individuals has a Susie. From planetary cooperatives to the unknown lost soul wandering the streets, there is always someone to lay blame, shame and regret upon. It's called a Susie.

Are you having trouble with confronting your own thoughts? It's probably Susie's fault.

Things not 'going right' for you? It's probably Susie's fault.

Having a 'bad day'? Of course, it's Susie's fault, who else would be to blame?

Looking at oneself all that can be seen, is perfection. Actually, it is an appearance of perfection and in order to continue the false charade, another must be used as a grounding rod for one's own 'charge'. A grounding terminal is one where the flow of upset may be safely released.

Susie isn't at all appreciative.

Picking a target, the emotional upset converges on it's target and unleashes it's evil. It is evil because it is unwanted black thoughts which have accumulated power through the attention the individual has given it. When it becomes unbearable, an 'outside' delivery mechanism must be established, and always is.

In hot or cold blooded emotion, bad things happen and Susie pays the price.

Looking at yourself, all that can be seen, is perfection. There is no illusion in perfection when it is viewed whole and complete. Kidding oneself by avoiding the turmoil within will only result in an accumulated charge which must find a home. Perhaps, Susie deserves a day off.

Perhaps Susie will cease accepting another's emotional turmoil. Sooner or later, if the individual doesn't get it, they tend to learn the hard way.

Isn't it better to heal yourself than to cause another pain and suffering in order to ease your own?

Healing yourself can only be achieved by ceasing one's own evil actions. These apparent actions bind and confine the spirit within, perhaps that is the purpose of them. In either case, what will you do when Susie takes the day off?

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