The 'FreeZone' or is it the "FeeZone"?

Cashing in on spiritual growth is not a good display of one's own spiritual growth. Amazingly, there are people in the 'FreeZone' (contrary to Free Zone) who actual PRIDE themselves on doing well in the 'business'.

Imagine that. There are those who SAY they have the tools to fix what ails you all the while emptying your wallet of mundane goods. Spirituality and materiality do not mix well. Why do they not mix well? The problems that plague a spiritual being as usually the result of the material world. Why would someone, with this mind, enforce materiality upon the immaterial.

There can be only one answer. The seeking of material goods is an attempt at stemming the spiritual pain already felt. It's like a band-aid. Money tends to buy happiness - at least that is the line so easily given. If not happiness, then material comfort, and if that isn't enough, then 'overhead'.

Imagine going to your parents for guidance and care only to be told that 'overhead' must be accounted for. Pay the price or get out.

Living in that kind of world is it any wonder that 'abilities' and 'powers' are so fervently sought, promised and ultimately delivered in hollow victory?

There is a real world of spiritual care and care giving.

To find it, all that you must do is look for it.

The next time the collector presents himself to you for payment, ask yourself this, are you ready to pay the price?

The price that is being referred to here is the price of your freedom. You don't pay for freedom. No one gives it to you and it can't be 'gained'. All that can be done is to trick you into thinking otherwise. Appealing to greed, the greedy consume. That is what greed is - fervent desire to consume.

Perhaps the buck will stop here.

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