Speaking With A Forked Tongue

Listening, we hear ourselves and create the reverberation in which our decisions 'come to be'. Outwardly, we express our desires and so the process gains momentum and speeds it's way towards others of like mind. Saying what we hear, we feel no pain.

Reality is not embodied within the safe confines of pictures, creatively painted for maximum enjoyment by one and all. Public opinion is nothing but effort directed toward the release of pain and sorrow. Maybe someone will come up with the answer as our own courage lags far behind. Progressively the bubble grows.

Time continues endlessly and all during it's duration, we escape from one body to the next, always searching for the answer and yet always forgetting any possibilities that we may have come up with. Isn't it interesting that we die with each body death?

In fact, it is the personality which 'dies', the Being itself remains the same as always. Being the personality, we gladly forget this 'fact' in pursuit of our creative sensory adventures. Gaining experience, we lose that much more.

The road to being yourself is not improving the personality which seems ever so dominate within us, that would be called improving your humanhood. Improving your humanhood will do nothing for you but to make your life seemingly more 'comfortable'. Power and wealth are the two death traps of any aware being.

Resolving the images that get in the way, the mind can be made to see more clearly. Even still, those things are not you.

Resolving the issue of 'between lives' is a game of the mind and a 'sleight of hand' trick. Optical illusions tend to gather attention by their interest factor alone, but sensory interest will do nothing to resolve the question of who you really are.

Death is not an end nor a beginning. Life is the 'between lives' area that you are looking for. Are you enjoying your illusion?

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