There Is Only One Reality

I don't consider myself to be an 'OT'. I don't consider myself as being in any type of 'ascension' state. You could say that I'm not even 'clear'. I am none of those things because all of these 'states' of being define a concept as being something other than what I already am and have always been. I'm not even a Free Being. I guess that you could say that I am 'nothing'.

States of being are simply labels attached to concepts and these concepts are similar to answering the question of where you came from with the reply of, "I created myself". The idea of 'creating' oneself is just another concept among the many and serves no other purpose than declaring yourself to be 'OT', 'him/her', or even 'an individual'. Defining yourself with concepts places you in the same boat as the rest of your imagination. Among the thoughts and desires, all screaming for attention, the chaotic ship sinks with all aboard, including 'you'.

'You' are none of those things as they ALL lie 'outside' of you and apart from 'you'. Labels are convenient for placing objects in specific locations even if that location appears to 'moves around' and this should be your first clue. Defining ourselves, we become ourselves.

Peeking behind the veil of 'reality' means seeing what IS without all of the attachments held so near and dear. Covering your eyes with sights and sounds, all that you currently see what you have made to be seen. Creating the world we see, we become it.

'Being' an 'OT' or any other label you wish to attach yourself to will lead you down the road of dwindling possibilities. You can't be yourself when you are busy being something else.

The next time you hear someone tell you that they can give you your freedom back, ask yourself if they are the one who took it away in the first place. No one can give what they did not take away.

Taking away your 'freedom' is a trick of the imagination. Before it occurs the line between reality and non-reality must become indistinct and the only way that will happen is by you attaching yourself to 'things' and thereby creating some sort of 'new' reality.

There is only one reality.

What is true for you IS true for you.

Beyond that truth there is no freedom, no 'ascension states' and no concepts of 'this' or 'that'. The concept of 'freedom' and actual Freedom are worlds apart.

That's why getting there is half the fun.

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