Knowledgism is derived from Alan Walter's study of Scientology. This, apparently, gives it an air of legitimacy. One of the things that Knowledgism, and Walters, put much emphasis on is the 'spiritual teammates' concept. Harvesting and congealing spirits to do one's bidding is relished a great deal. What can one do with 'spiritual teammates'? With these helpers one can get more money, a better job, force another to act a certain way, influence the weather, protect one from other 'bad' spirits, the list goes on and on.

This is a complete perversion of Scientology. Scientology, in it's actual form, is designed to free spiritual beings not congeal them into masses. Scientology, in it's actual form, is designed to allow one's self to become spiritually free, not to embrace physicality.

With actual Scientology principals it can be easily demonstrated that one can be spiritually free - one knows. With Knowledgism it is easily demonstrated that one becomes the victim of it's deep and 'dark' spiritual path - the master becomes the slave.

Is this a duality of 'two sides of the same coin' concept? Not even close and is easily proveable.

Dear Knowledgism-istic,

I invite you to demonstrate your 'spiritual teammates' concept upon me. I am open and willing to receive your effects.

Please respond.

Best Regards,
Paul Misiunas


14 Apr 2005

News Flash

It's funny how instantaneous communication can be so... so instantaneous.

I've give an 'ack', but I'm still waiting...

15 Apr 2005

Class Exercise

It's funny how entheta can be gathered and when it is gathered it is generally taken away from other places where it is being put to use. There is, after all, only so much to go around. :-)

This was the point of the exercise.

Well class, as I am demonstrating the concept of 'be careful what you wish for' I'd have to say: "Don't try this at home, kids."

Asking for effects is about as smart as playing parlor tricks - they both have very little to do with spiritual freedom.

To that end, I'd have to say we are done with this subject for now. Stick with the real and let the 'unreal' take care of itself. It most definitely will as it always does.

It's too bad that when push comes to shove these people run away in fright. Wimps.

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