Life's Purpose

We are all born and we all die. This is true in both a physical sense and in a characteristic fashion. If one know's that our current life is nothing but a continuation of our previous ones then it can be surmised that each and every life has a purpose. Or does it?

Stringing these lives together creates another purpose. What could that possibly be?

It's like asking, why are we here?

Any question of ourselves regarding purpose requires us to know the subject of that purpose, to know it's origin and make-up, otherwise one just guesses.

In order to actually SEE ourselves we must put aside all the thoughts which cross our inner vision for these are not us, or are they?

If one sees then there is something which does that and is apparently separate and distinct from what is being seen.

So why would one want to ascertain one's life purpose when one is unable to see one's self to begin with?

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