Muscular Apathy

Here in the fascist United States of Doom the social engineers cater to the elitists who, of course, have nothing in mind but their own purposes and plans. And since anything repeated enough creates boredom, these engineers constantly change their methods so as to keep things 'flowing'. Of course this 'flowing' is never ending much like the popularized version of Scientology.

In order to keep the flow of money, of subversion, of a brain-dead mentality going, the engineers are forever tweaking and adjusting 'reality'. And the sheep follow suit keeping in step with the Master's Plan. The Piped Piper sings his tune and the populace listens intently and succumbs, as they have been trained to do.

Is it any wonder that no one cares? As the dead walk the Earth, as long as they have nothing, they are happy. But woe is he who comes along to point out that they are, in fact, the embodiment of UNhapppiness. The pain becomes much too great for those who know not.

It's always better to hang the infidel than it is to take a look at one's self.

To look at one's self is to look at truth. It is not always easy to face ourselves in the mirror of life but if we don't who will? Are we all waiting for our personal savior to come and cleanse us? Yes, there is always hope but hope is nothing but a delaying action. Later, not NOW.

And so as the sheep roam the lands of death and destruction, quietly voicing their voices en-mass, no one hears because there is no one to listen. Have there been so many wolves as to defeat the shepherd, or has he vacated his post in disgust? Is there or has there been a shepherd at all?

We are, each and every one of us, responsible for ourselves. When we rely upon others to help us rise above the flock we give away our freedom, what ever there is left of it, to the dominant male. Is the dominate male our saviour? Is he the shepherd?

Only we, ourselves, can free ourselves from the whole mess, to rise above it all and be done with it. Finally and forever.

All it takes is to stop acting like a lamb and begin to act like your self. Become your own shepherd. If you do not, someone else will surely do what you lack the courage to do.

No one can make you do anything without your consent. The social engineers know this quite well as they design their devious methods. But one cannot see this when they have given themselves away to another, to be protected and cared for.

To live, one must perhaps exercise those things which are thought long dead and buried.

Your self.

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