Ill-Gotten Gains

Who killed CBR? How is it that the people who proclaim themselves ‘keepers’ of CBR’s writings use them for their own purposes? How is it that people like Ralph Hilton whose life’s purpose is to study, and try to make sense of, LRH’s technical writings are completely unable to do so? Who do people like Alan Walter embrace Scientology’s concepts and yet turn their backs on them so that they may twist and pervert them? Who killed LRH? Why does the ‘official’ organization not produce OTs? Why is it that the US government had to control LRH’s legacy.

There are so many questions one can ask, if one is aware enough to see them. Scientology can be perverted just the same as anything else. Perverts pervert, that is their purpose in being. The Bridge can be expanded into infinity but that does not means that it is Scientology. Scientology is the direct route to realizing certain things about one’s self and the longer the Bridge that one has made for one’s self, the longer the ignorance continues. How stupid is that?

This planet is the epitome of stupidity and gullibility. Dreaming the dream of life, the planet decays.

Who killed CBR? The ‘freezone’ did. Who killed LRH? The ‘church’. With smoke and mirrors much can be obscured, but vanity and lies, once defeated, leave a clear and clean path to reality.

In an atmosphere of deception no matter what gains are made they are not only ill-gotten, but false as well. Some things in life do not last, while others last forever. Take the latter.

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