Re: A Personal Note From The Pilot

This is not "advice" nor "helpful ideas". It is only ramblings from a deranged outsider who cannot be what perception has brought. Most likely, it should be ignored.

A thetan can outflow forever. It can do anything forever, and this applies not only in a negative sense but a positive one as well. Outflowing, by itself, is not what creates problems. The things that are attached to that outflow is what 'satisfies' the God within us. Expectation is the barrier which prevents, as it is designed to do, us from being satisfied.

When we deny ourselves the fulfillment of those expectations the backlash is demonstrated in our own individually creative ways.

So many people believe that the idea of "exchange" is a requirement for doing "business" in all three universes. The concept is clearly not understood and is taken at face value along with the ensuing results. "Exchange" only fulfills the need of the expectation that has already been created. Satisfying the customers makes good business sense, but eternity is not an administrative skill to be learned.

The gradual erosion of satiation creates a turn of events that will surely "teach" us a lesson. The Teacher, the Lesson and the Student are all the same.

Spending a lifetime researching mind-related experiences will never be enough. There will always be more. That is what keeps interest alive - until inevitability sets in.

The Wall of Death. It frightens the mind and when it does, we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of turmoil. Anything, to take away our interest in what should not be explored, will be created for our "enjoyment".

Once a course out of the depths of hell is taken, it should never be assumed that the control of the mind is complete until the mind disintegrates as it passes thru the Wall of Death.

The philosophy of Scientology has it's limitations. To be free, requires one to be free of it as well. This doesn't mean that Scientology must be abandoned nor destroyed. The system, or method of spirituality has little bearing on the final outcome.

What matters most is not being something that we are not, but to be the something that we already are.1

  1. This article was originally posted to the FreeZone America Forum using the identity HairyKrishna. 

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