A Few Oddz 'n Endz

I'm expecting user registration is to be up and running soon, but I do not guarantee that things will go smoothly. At the moment I do not have a lot of interest in thoroughly testing all the things that should be tested. Sometimes, it's best just to cut to the chase. So you if don't want to run the risk of that, it might be better to register an account later rather than sooner. At the moment I am not wearing my Programmer's hat so that function is on emergency stand-by only.

Besides all that, whether there is a lot, a little or no activity at all on FZA makes no difference to me. Whether users flock (ha ha) to FZA or no one at all shows up is just fine. Free Zone America is not looking for self-aggrandizement, a pat on the back or anything else for that matter. What is being presented here is being presented. You have the choice to take it or to leave it all behind. I'd take the latter.

By now the various posts and such have presented a good idea as to the direction and method of operation that we are engaging in. This, of course, can change, but it is our starting point.

Nothing is taken for granted here and no sense of being comfort and secure is encouraged. Anything and everything on this site is open to questioning. ALL ideas should be questioned unless and until our own personal knowingness kicks in. Until it does, we will all just continue to stumble around in the dark looking very hard for our answers.

FZA has laid out a basis of conduct so that a common ground can be used to do what needs be done. We are not entertaining ourselves or others here and are very serious about spiritual freedom. If you share this inner drive your presence is welcomed.

We all have the right to communicate or to not communicate and when we get past 'rights', past our copy of 'How To Act In The Physical Universe', perhaps we will have arrived at a 'different' place, a 'different' space - a place we can call Ourselves.

That is the foundation of man's spirituality, to find out who or what we really are. Not what we think we are, not what we are told we are, but to find out in an up-front and very personal way. All the rest is just chatter.

The direct approach cuts through the chatter and hits home. That's what Free Zone America is about.

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