Stylizing The Free Zone

The phrase "Free Zone" was first used as exactly that. It had a space between the two words. When I created the site in 1997, I removed the space between the words for both style and effect. 'Free Zone' became 'FreeZone', and I used that type of spelling in numerous ways to announce both the site and the stylized spelling.

Today, it has become an accepted way of using the phrase. That's too bad because what has been lost sight of is the true purpose of the Free Zone. Instead of it's original purpose, we have stylized and effect producing things such as,,,, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

To reclaim it's original purpose, I'll not be using the concatenated version in the future as my attention is no longer on stylization or flowery effects. I'll leave that up to those who wish to take advantage of the mesmerizing effects produced.

Simply stated, the Free Zone is an area free of control where spiritual progression can be made unencumbered by evil intentions.

All of the sites that are associated with the 'Free Zone' are income producing, no matter what they call themselves. They are designed to generate traffic and create revenue.

FZA.ORG remains unbiased and free of the greed that clouds minds and dampens the spirit. If you want to 'feel good', then you probably would enjoy those web sites that I mentioned. But if you are looking for Freedom, then let the being free.

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