Cancellation Of Accounts

All accounts with the exception of a very few have been cancelled. Serious communication can never take place in an atmosphere where the mind is allowed to reign supreme, therefore all communication avenues for visitors have been terminated. Of what use is superficial engagement other than to solidify our own individual selfish purposes and goals. Along those lines there is absolutely no interest in anything even remotely connected with spirituality and so the bell tolls.

This serious flaw of man is not relegated to any specific religion, philosophy or nature of thought. Amazingly, most are so intoxicated with it's effects that they have no real wish for change and so like-minded agreement becomes fervently sought. Not so here.

The tide has turned and so I leave all this superfluous natter to the trash heap where it's rightful place can be worshipped by those who wish it. The trash heap on this planet is quite far and wide which for those who are not poisoned becomes plainly visible to the naked eye.

Bon voyage.

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