The Fear Factor

When members leave the 'official' organization one of the consequences of doing so is the instillment of fear. There is a palpable sense of fear which envelops the person and this makes itself known as, among other things, not wanting to be identified. These ex-members tend to 'hide' in the woodwork blending in with the eyes wide shut peoples of Earth.

They become afraid to be pointed out just in case the 'official' organization will take notice. They fear the reprisals which may or may not come in ways which may or may not come to be. It most definitely is the "fear factor" which is tantamount here.

The Pope's Inquisition is reportedly to have killed millions of people. Fear is a powerful weapon. And it continues today.

Fear keeps us quiet and restrains our expansion. As we tremble, all that passes through our minds are perilous images which show us our downfall in the most horrible of ways. Fear is a potent enemy and as the 'official' organization instills, or implants, this thought process upon those who it seeks to subdue, it reveals the organization's intent.

Spirituality, or the knowing of one's self has nothing to do with implanting images of submission.

If one is fear-full of possibilities then one is surely lost in the world of thoughts and false images. This is what the evil barons of suppression depend upon. False images of destruction. As these thoughts are fed into the bank, they gain in strength until eventually, the fallen drop away from society, friends, family and even themselves. They turn away from spiritual freedom and succumb to fright. And so, the plan succeeds.

It takes courage to rise above one's own false images and impressions. It takes great courage to come face to face with all that is dark and foreboding. It takes great courage to stand alone and when we face that god-awful fact, we find that we are never truly alone.

When one is full-filled within one's self then it matters not whether one is in a group or out in the wild, completely alone. To the degree that one remains fright-full after leaving the 'official' organization it is to that same degree that one has given away their right of beingness.

It's no secret that the 'official' organizations sucks in beingness and spits out robotic spirituality cloaked in false images and purposes. So what. That is their problem, not yours. Unless, of course, you make it your problem too in which case you have already lost your own beingness.

It's time to regain your own beingness, your own unique existence. It's time to stop living in fear. Of what use is it to travel a spiritual road in constant fear, perpetually looking for the hidden assassin? Why continue to torture yourself with your own thoughts on the matter?

Sometimes, all we need do to break free of our own chains is to just let them go. One cannot have spiritual freedom if one has a death grip on ideas and fixations. The 'church' is such a fixation. Let it go and reap the rewards.

After a time you will see that their hold is nothing but a fanciful flight of imagination. For those of power, no power is needed. For those of lack, force is indeed a necessity.

One cannot be a Clear or an OT if one is afraid. Fear is w-a-y down below, down into the depths of hell. Are you willing to proclaim that such a condition has found a home? Are you willing to kneel in fright rather than stand in beingness?

The problem is not with the Church of Scientology, it is with each one of us, of how we each react to it's state of mind in complete deference to our own.

If we are the center of our universe then why not make it so?

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