Status Report: 14 Jul 2008

No status reports have been filed for some time but recent events have required the report of the following.

Loses can take many forms. Through time, place, form and event experience unfolds and makes it's self known. The recent loss of a ship is not entirely unexpected nor is it a surprise by any means. Losses are not exactly "to be expected" since this would require a contrary viewpoint, but they are part and parcel of the playing board. As pieces come to be moved upon the board time, place, form and event come to be established. This is not being referred to in the justification of a loss, but simply as background material in which to view the on-going events.

Rogue parties have recently revealed themselves by taking out a Free Zone ship in near orbit. All hands were lost save for the few who were assigned elsewhere at the time of incident. In order to carry out this destruction the parties involved were compelled to step out of the shadows in order to slay the dragon. The dragon is now dead and yet the cry of victory is being held in reserve. Why is that?

The question is not asked in order to elicit an answer but to promote further inquiry into one's own universe of understanding.

The ship involved was stationed "just so" quite a while ago and has never deviated in it's position. Like the shooting booth at the fair, the ducks are lined accordingly and can be expected to be at a certain time in a certain place for any such action as one might pay the booth master for.

Well, the game has been completed and the prize given away.

The purpose of this report is not to create retaliatory motion in the cause and effect cycle of mutual dismemberment but to make known the existence of the incident and accompanying loss. We do not grieve for those who gave of themselves in order to carry out their part of the incident but we do honor both their actions and more importantly their well being. To this end we acknowledge their nobility.

My friends, it is never over until the fat lady sings.

And she ain't even started yet.

It pleases me that in desperation those who live among the shadows must now leave their nest in order to do their master's biding. There are those who understand that power comes from the accumulation of energy, of acquiring such in order to conserve and condense it to such a degree that the ultimate unstoppable weapon can be unleashed. This method, any method of energy extraction from a thetan goes a long way to helping one's self to the great fall down the rabbit hole. But there are positive effects wrought by those who embrace this mentality.

When the weapon is unleashed all that power has to go somewhere.

Thanks guys, you just made us stronger.

Guess who's now coming to dinner?

24 Sep 2008

I just wanted to make mention that personally I think this was nothing but a fiasco created by and for the self-serving type. Not only is this indicative of the cancer already prevalent but it also demonstrates that the parties involved exist on both sides of the equation. Besides being an eye-opener the obvious consequences of this flagrant ethical breach is tantamount to dereliction of duty.

Since the factors involved here required acknowledgement and confirmation from and through the chain of command this in itself speaks volumes in regards to the ethical nature of such command line and all those involved.

See: The End-All Of Be-All

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