Predator Mode

There are many modes of operation throughout the various processes that are put into play during a mission. The particular one being discussed today is Predator Mode. As you already know a predator is that which preys or hunts and kills for food. This very apt description suits this mode as to what we are doing is hunting and killing the Beast. In this case, the Beast is en-theta, or enturbulated theta. Since theta, by it's nature is pure and clean, untainted by thoughts, ideas and concepts, this enturbulation or evil comes to be man-made. It is an acquired possession used as a tool in the attainment of personal gain.

That is the keyword here in regard to enturbulation - personal gain. Dynamically speaking, the lessor the number of dynamics one enjoys being responsible for, the greater the amount of personal fixation. Enturbulation is nothing but an up close and personal testament to one's selfish desires which of course are born to do nothing but seek release.

According to standard practice, free will is paramount in bringing about change. One cannot and must not force change upon that which is quite obviously at odds with that change. Handling resistance is part and parcel of one's duty towards Mankind.

During the process of evolution there comes to be times where pockets of resistance show themselves as being stubborn and fixated. The personal gain of these energy units far outweighs the requirements of Mankind - or so it is believed, but this lie of great magnitude is designed to do damage and to do it well. In the normal natural progression of events, these pockets of diminishing returns comes to the fore as the floating flotsam and jetsam on the sea of life and living. They of course must be routed and handled requiring far more attention than those of greater stability.

Sometimes, one encounters the type of dredge which wishes to remain anonymous and hidden in order to carry out their own personal plan of Total Dominion. Working from the back rooms of ill-repute, these individuals love nothing better than to go back into the woodwork of life and living as a way of reflecting away attention from themselves and their dirty little schemes. Finding company among their own kind, the pack thrives through it's torment and terror.

In times of lore Vampires were hunted in the same way as the cockroaches of today are. In Predator Mode, whether day or night, the hunt goes on. The hunt for the dis-ease called enturbulation is focused on where the trail leads and then to remove that trail entirely. There are no survivors. And when the trail ends, the House of Cards comes falling down. This is not a new or unique methodology as it's purpose, plan and results have already been established in experience. We know the why, the how and the handling. All that is left is letting out the dogs.

The dogs are out and so is the hunting party.

You can hide, but you can't run. There will be no prisoners and no survivors. Scorching the Earth will do nothing but reveal your own demise. The choice has been made and now your responsibility comes to fruition. Facing one's own face of destruction is never a pretty sight which is why there is such a thing as the Hunting Party to begin with.

This is what Predator Mode is and it typically comes towards the end of a handling but in this case it is the end - the end of one Age and the beginning of another. Hallelujah!

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