Seeing Is Believing

In times of trouble Man strives to reach new heights of being, of leaving that which is undesirable far, far behind. In extending his grasp Man pulls from deep within himself the motive and action for plotting a new course, a course which will bring to him that which he seeks. In seeking Man defines himself. In definition, Man embraces purpose and action. There are doors to open and worlds to explore.

The Great Fall continues unabated.

Eventually, the Universe comes to correct it's self. As change beyond himself comes to fruition, Man again embraces yet another set of rules and regulations in which to find being. As being is of such great importance to Man, the contemplation of spiritual matters comes to be served through all sorts of religious by-products of putting off the inevitable.

When fallen becomes the accepted mode in which the life experience takes place, then one can be assured that the ears can listen but do not hear and the eyes perceive but do not see. Trapped in the pit of despair what else is there but pain and sorrow?

The answer is, of course, that your own individual life experience brings to you what you most need. Not what you think you should have, but what is most beneficial to your own spiritual insight. Seeing is believing.

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