Normalizing Fluctuation

Trends tend to drift over time. They never stay the same as originally intended due to various factors including alter-intention and greed. Morphing itself, the trend can sometimes even turn out to be completely disrelated to it's origin, or stated purpose. I like these types of trends because when trends are handled over a specific time frame, especially when various factors influence it's make-up, surprising results can,and many time do, happen.

I like surprises.

Sometimes, it can take a lot of effort to bring about a surprise. You really, have to want it, in order to see it through. Calculating intentional variances, over times, is not something for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and learning the hard way. Take the Free Zone, for example.

The Free Zone began as an idea to set things right. It's stated value was to allow certain inhabitants of a certain planet in a specific section of the galaxy, the right to decide for themselves, how their future should be experienced. That was the stated intention, but like many official papers which move through official bureaucracy, addendums are always attached along the way enabling various 'powers that be' to get a slice of heaven for themselves.

Heaven doesn't come cheap.

Proclamations, when plotted out, follow the standard cycle of action as always. Nothing new or interesting with that. But imagine if the proclamation began as an entirely different baby. Imagine if it's creation was purposefully imbue with the past knowledge of a timeless past and that that timeless past was the father and the skillful manipulation of the future was the mother. I wonder what the child to be born would be like.

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