Planetary Evolution

Planets do evolve over time. As the inhabitants slowly progress over time there typically comes a point where might comes up against right. Also in typical fashion, this internal conflagration sets the stage for the planet's future. If might wins, then expect more of the same. If right wins, a great leap in consciousness occurs. It is to this state that intent is currently aligned here on this lovely prison outpost.

Fashioning a productive route to overcome the plethora of obstacles along the way can appear to be daunting, but in fact, is quite simple and straight-forward - if one has done their homework. This entails much more than just the typical fight of pitting evil against good, in whatever forms they show themselves as. Freedom, as in free will, demands a great attention to detail. A very great attention. Not attention to every minute happening the world over, but of core events, processes and procedures. Consider it along the lines of a chess board, expanded in such a way as having a separate board for each dynamic with cross pieces traveling every which way. It's a game of great magnitude and fun at that!

In this small world of dynamic alignment there is no such thing as failure. It is actually impossible to fail as it is impossible to completely win. Siding oneself at either end of the spectrum is like calling in Al Capone to settle a dispute. It would be insane. When one conveniently ignores free will one will undoubtedly come face-to-face with the consequences. Who would ever play chess in such manner as to allow oneself to get boxed in? Perhaps it would occur through ignorance but gradients of expertise do allow for such a condition, unless of course, one has already gone off the deep end.

Herding a bunch of thetans out to greener pastures is not for the faint of heart. While it is never forgotten that one remains as part of the herd, one also must rise above it at the same time. Perhaps in this duplicity it can be seen that on a dynamic level there is no such thing as being in charge.

Some planets, over time, become quite magnetized. They seem to draw particular types of beingnesses and once established, they multiply to a very great degree. Rabbits are mere wanna-bees in comparison. These types of planets are quite easy to distinguish from the background noise as thetans love to talk about them. Sometimes, it can be difficulty to tell if the planet's evolution is the cause or if other, ulterior motives are at play but in either case, thetans seem to love vacationing at certain 'oasises'. Magnetized thetans, energized with their own intent, are pulled from across the universe to these planets of desire. And flock do they come.

As civilizations rise and fall enduring a future which is ever present in time, progression takes hold. Sometimes, that progression turns out in ways which decimate both the planet and it's inhabitants but this is not considered a failure by any stretch of the imagination. As bodies are used and abused to no end, so too do planets, at times, succumb. And so another nexus occurs and the herd makes another stampede. Indeed, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Success is also looked upon as nothing more than another milestone on the road of existence. Looking ahead there are many, many milestones, not all having to do with this subject. It's not a matter of getting to the end as quickly and efficiently as possible, it's a matter of doing what is right.

Thetans, god-forbid if such information got out, are completely free to do as they please. Out of that freedom came the idea that circus-trainers are needed and wanted to ensure the acceptability of 'correct' thinking, acting and doing. It's been downhill ever since and a wild ride it has been! But in usual fashion there is always someone on board who complains. They want the ride to stop because they have had enough of it. While the ride operator will always refuse such requests it does not mean that one cannot simply get off. Despite all the hoopla about dangerousness and security, there are many who have bypassed the imperial road to entertainment.

Planetary evolution is not about higher entertainment and so many will tend to fight it whole-heartedly right along side those who are keen in keeping things in the 'proper' order. In either case, both are handled in the exact same way as a starting point.

Thetans are very funny creatures and do the most amazing sorts of things, which one could possibly imagine. Distinguished from their meat bodies, pretension comes to be very important. But importance is not an issue here as the solidity of beingness matters not as the herd is rounded up and guided in a particular direction. Once a good movement is underway it takes on a life of it's own and any further adjustments, which may or may be not needed along the way, are approached similarly. Gently persuasion results in movement in time.

But there are times when other tricks must be pulled out from the hat. At times force comes to be required and at other times a degradation of progress must occur. You see, there are no hard and fast rules in a fluid and dynamic environment dealing with fluid and dynamic energies. In this respect if one does not have a solid foundation upon which to propagate, then all will be lost. Not only will all be lost, but the one who undertakes such a suicide mission becomes lost as well. Diving deep into one's complexity is not a pretty sight. So the recommendation is, watch what you are doing.

Ultimately, the roundup and trailblazing reach fruition, even if only for a few. Success!

Through the use of time and the channeling of energy all things are possible. Even though time captures most vacationers it also comes to be used in various 'unorthodox' ways. Recognizing that thetans tend to take root in it, it's marker base can be adjusted for evolutionary benefit. The same with a thetan's energy output. Sometimes, this energy can be directed in ways not always superficially known to the thetan. But make no mistake about it, a thetan, at it's core, always knows what is going on and if there is no agreement then there is no agreement - period, but that is another topic altogether.

This universe is perceived as being vast and complex. This vastness and complexity are used as an operating basis otherwise one would be out and away from the illusion which is being addressed. If one is not in the same universe as others, then one is out of perception. Agreements cannot come about through non-being. So when a planet is taken by it's horns in order break the stranglehold of the dead flat-lining, all that is being done is taking a drive to the very heart of the matter.

This is not subversion for selfish ends nor is it a training regimen for the unable. Ability gained is a by-product and is ignored in the grand scale. What is not ignored is getting the thetan to recognize and acknowledge that they do, indeed, exist. A thetan in control is never a dangerous thing. But an insane beingness does more than just destroy worlds, it entices more beings to follow in order to ensure it's survival. To this day survival remains as a top item.

And so evolution, through gradual progression comes about. When one changes the universe, one changes one's self.1 Dynamically aligned it sure beats the other games in town.

That which lies beyond games is something better left for another turn of the spiral.

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  1. When one changes one's self, the universe changes. It's called dynamic alignment and it happens every moment of every single day. 

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