In Due Time

There has been a reduction in the posting of entertainment due to the work being done on the FZA Archives. Perhaps a return to the regularly scheduled program will come about in the near future or perhaps that too will change. The nice thing about Spiritual Freedom is that one has complete and total control over nothing and yet is at complete peace and harmony, working in complete alignment with the Universe. Therefore, we can say that nothing is being done and yet great changes continue to occur despite the best efforts of those who would wish otherwise.

Getting past our own barriers is best left for the brave, the sincere, the honest. For everyone else there is planet Earth in it's present state of affairs. Enjoy it while it lasts and then just change the channel for additional entertainment. The problem comes into play only when we become the effect of our cause and do not wish it to be so. It's not always a pretty sight to behold but here, it's not called the prison planet for nothing.

We are as the prisoners and we are also the Warden, keeping ourselves bound and gagged. Agreement is about all that we have to give and now we have little left but the idea of what we are for we have given away the shop and allowed others to subvert and control us. The road to hell is paved with our good intentions and so, here we lie in the bed of our own making.

But Spiritual Freedom is not about making a bed in which to lie. It is about recognizing, it is about knowing who or what we really are. It is about understanding, at the very core of our being. It is about going back the way we came and 'rediscovering' our selves. This is not about good intentions but about deep self knowledge.

We cannot become full-filled when we are busying our selves with efforting in order to achieve some thought, idea or concept. It takes great courage to face the storm we call our selves but face it we must despite any odds which may appear in the road ahead.

When we come to hold tight to thoughts, ideas and concepts we will but gain good intentions as we further travel down the road to our own perdition, to our own idea of paradise.

If one is not a serious student all the knowledge in the Universe will be to no avail. We are not data banks of information nor decision making points. We do not live nor do we die. We have no power unto our selves and yet, through our impingement upon the Universe, we define our selves. What silly folly!

But of source, the glib student will never understand this simple fact of existence.

And so, the FZA Archives, in due time, will make an appearance.

(27 Aug 2008: ed. The FZA Archives have come and gone.)

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