All Things Come To Pass

As watch idly standing by the Universe unfold all things come to pass and as these very same things come to our doorstep, we run into the night terrorized beyond belief stumbling to and fro trying to gather our wits and yet failing miserably. There must be a way out of our own misery.

As we create, we destroy. It's true that there are no rules beyond what we have undertaken for ourselves it seems contrary. If seems as if we are leaves upon the winds of time and of cause and effect. Floating upon the rushing waters of servitude, we serve. A good slave knows it's place.

The question is, a slave to who or what.

We obviously serve our masters. It's plain in all we see and do. In recognizing where it is that we stand we define our nature... and character. Freedom is non-existent. There is no such thing. As selfish pride develops 'free will' joins in lock-step. Brothers in arms look after each other.

Eventually all things comes to pass. Eventually we see things as there are. Watching and waiting are well-worn paths into a future imagined. There are no guarantees.

We will never 'come out' on the other side. It's not a matter of going through, it's a matter of perception, the ability of seeing. It's amazing how one thought can change the entire Universe.

Be care-full of what you wish for1.

  1. Living isn't all it's crackled out to be. Behind the curtain of ignorance lies the truth and yet there is no hiding at all. We all live the life we have imagined for our selves and yet we are completely free to change our minds. That's the amazing thing about us. 

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