The Clothes We Wear

Sometimes, there comes a defining moment in each person's life where they can say "THAT" is the point where everything changed for me, "THAT" is the 'why' of all that I am and exist for, "THAT" is the 'reason'.

'THAT' can be anything and can range from a simple off-the-cuff joke, to some deep insight into some spiritual aspect of ourselves. In all cases 'THAT' is the moment of conception. We are reborn each and every time we encounter a 'THAT'.

Without a pocket full of reasons what are we left with? Nothing, and THAT is the THAT to encompass all other THATs. Wow.

Beyond reason, beyond hope, there lies an existence that becomes subject to nothing but one's own whims and desires. This is true today, as it was at any other time. Changing desires changes nothing. We remain as we were and are, but getting through the clown outfit is another story. :-)

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