Are You Having A Good Day?

"Who Am I?" Ask the question and determine the response received. If the echo comes as "Me" or "I", then the response mechanism being employed is none other than the imagination of the mind. Stillness of a response indicates something else. That something else is the Void of existence.

In the case of the 'I' or 'Me' response, following the thought pattern and tracing the origination of the response helps to circumvent the minds reaction to conceived input. This is why no response should be expected nor desired. There can be no response in order for the correct framework of conception to become established. What is being nurtured here is the concept of Nothingness.

Dreaming the dream we strive to become the dream and the dreamer. Believe it or not, this takes an enormous amount of effort. This effort is totally expended in the direction of solidifying the mind's 'control' over us. We can run but we cannot hide.

Fooling ourselves we fool no one.

Perhaps now you may understand why the effort of 'enlightenment' is a useless effort, expended only for the mind's enjoyment of delaying the inevitable. The only way of becoming 'enlightened' is to still the mind and let nature take it's course.

The entire purpose of existence is to enwrap ourselves within the conceptualization of the mind. To become the mind is to succeed, or so it seems. When this occurs we become free to live life to it's fullest. Striving to complete the task we have set for ourselves, we give birth to Eternity.

Beyond the mind, beyond the concepts of Self, Eternity, Love and the stillness of the Void, lies no-thing. Can the effort of life succeed in restoring ourselves to the place of Nobility?

In the beginning was the Word and within that existence Life abounds. Are you having a good day?

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