Making The World In Our Own Image

News and views related to clearing technology can be found in a variety of sources, but it seems that the best source of all are the back alleys of the Internet. Of course, these 'back alleys' are not restricted to the Internet alone, but reference is being made in regard to this aspect.

Many times, information, technology and the exchange of communication takes place discreetly and behind closed doors. The subject itself is mired in hidden agendas and secretiveness based upon some particular viewpoints that seem to be highly encouraged. Open communication is compartmented and restricted.

Perhaps the reasoning behind this is the prevalent feeling of fear. Fear of others who may or may not harm oneself. Uncertainty runs rampant and sorting out the conflicting and sometimes contradictory data can appear to be an almost impossibility. Dark times for dark beings with the end result being a degradation of spiritual values for all.

Confronting one's own dementia is never a pleasant experience, both for ourselves and those who we attempt to influence. There is a way out of our personal torment of fear, but that path is usually approached in much the same way that open communication is approached.

There are always 'reasons' why open communication cannot be allowed to occur and many times the hinderance of that communication is lavished upon others while placed ourselves in the illusionary state of 'freedom'. Fooling ourselves, the world fools us as well.

The bottom line is that open communication suffers and the stiflement of others communication is actively pursued as well. This is not the way of clearing technology and those who practice this black art are by no means interested in spiritual values, both in themselves and in others. Open communication becomes a threat to their existence. For a demonstration of this reference and just watch this this action. From personal case demonstration to the destruction of open communication you can find it all here. Amidst the ruins you may find some interesting data, but who in their right mind would want to participate in this playground of destruction?

There can be but one 'reason' for the participants to exist and that is to further one's own ego.

Must one eat bitter fruit in order to taste sweet?

The back alleys where open communication takes place is the solution, but it also creates a problem of it's own. Withdrawing away from charged areas allows one to destimulate. Eventually, the charge must be handled and that can only be accomplished through the examination of one's own universe.

Feeding the intellectual mind by exposing oneself to 'popular' beliefs, thought or groups is a destructive act. You will draw to yourself what it is that you most need to learn. What shall you learn today?

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