Discoveries, Where Would We Be Without Them?

There is always something to discover. A new process, a new idea, some inner realization about some minute aspect of Ourselves. Always, there is something in which we busy ourselves, searching, revealing and then searching again. The Wheel of Time spins endlessly.

Of all the discoveries, where are we today? In relation to the past, we could say that we are better off physically. This is simply not true. We could say that spiritually, we are much further along than we were years and years ago. This is also simply not true. You are right where you have always been and fooling yourself into believing that the future holds even greater discoveries for yourself is wishful mind thinking.

Some so-called spiritual philosophies envision the promise of greatness. Immense powers of control over the entire universe will be ours. We will gain the ability to not only move ashtrays, but to read people’s minds, control their actions and demonstrate to one and all how we are able to change our physical surroundings. Spiritual? Indeed not and quite far from any conception of spirituality, unless, of course, there exists a confusion between spiritual and physical.

A discovery about oneself can be made each day from here to Eternity, and still, there would be even more discoveries to be made. The mouse runs on the wheel endlessly, efforting for the promise of cheese. Running and discovering keeps us busy as we ignore the basis of our search.

The promise of destiny captures selfish attention and can be used to lure in prospective customers in the search for ‘enlightenment’. For one who sells spirituality knows not what it is. The search can be bought and sold, but the results are there for the asking no matter the route taken.

Removing ‘unwanted’ conditions fools no one. The blind lead the blind, blundering to and fro, in search of something, anything, rather than to see what IS here and now.

Gaining ‘power’ demonstrates your birth and validates your death. Do you tire of dreaming yet, or shall you ‘discover’ just one more crucial piece of ‘understanding’?

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