So, Where Does It All Leave Us Today?

Striving for some imagined goal, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we scurry to and fro busying ourselves to avoid Ourselves. The mind captures our attention and holds it as if it's life depended upon it, which of course, it does. The Seeker seeks answers to the thoughts that just never seem to go away. No matter the answer received, the void remains. Sacrifice is the only solution.

Sacrificing your mind in order to attain that which you really desire is the only way to capture the flag of attainment. Neither, in fact, exist, but appear to be so as visual aids. What better way to waylay the mind's insistent ramblings then to give it something to chew on?

The nature of Divinity ceaselessly remains unchanging and unchanged. Upon this backdrop the ghosts of reality appear to float back and forth in purposeful activity. Is this the reality in which we find ourselves. It is the reality of the dreamer but not of that which brought forth the dream material. The underlying substratum of existence is the Divinity of You. There can be no other.

Resting in the arms of Love, what more could there be to Life itself? Nothing is the only answer formed out of the abyss. Climbing out of the Abyss, with extreme effort, we find ourselves. Lost have we become in the search. All that is lost is the acceptance that nothing exists, nothing is born, nothing dies. Can we really fool ourselves? The answer is, of course not.

How is it that we place blinders on ourselves to avoid the Abyss of Love? The only answer that comes is Love. For Love we become images of Ourselves and joyously dance in the Creation and then Rest. Beyond the finite mind, experience and emotion do not exist. As a matter of fact, nothing exists. Getting these concepts understood by the mind is futile, and to the degree of this understanding demonstrates how Man walks the Earth.

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