The Caress of Chance

As the changes of Life pass us by we look around us and wonder at the glory of Chance. But it is something much more than that.

Changes occur as they always do, with some inexplicable reason beyond our conscious control and many times conscious awareness. We play along each day and hope that today a new insight will be gained, a new understanding of something lost will become rejuvenated, that this new day will dawn as it has never before.

Alas, to no avail, the sun sets in its usual display of austerity only to dawn again with renewed vigor and lust for the coming hours of deceit. Our time comes and our time goes. Within it all, we take our chances.

Progression of events leads us to places we may not always agree with, but the road through creation was not built for our own personal pleasure. Following the heart in action, we sing our praise of glory.

Lighting the fire of ambition we sway while dancing in the light, at times stumbling with uncertain thoughts and actions. Follow the path, we hear the cry, only to ignore such sweet whisperings. What we have gained is never lost and the chance of uncertainty impossible to hold.

Nothing is left to chance, and so our environment moves with us, dancing in the light and sharing the caress of glory.

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