Space And The Continuity Of Events

Within space thought exists. Within that thought process, the mind creates the appearance of the continuity of existence. It pops up in the strangest of places.

An earthquake rattles the natives in Peru, it hails in Nebraska, and a pc in Holland exclaims "I don't have the compulsion to be right any more!" Taken individually, each incident is noteworthy but to a limited extent. Taken as a whole, the mind stumbles in comprehending the thread of continuity that is playing itself out.

Pawns in a game rarely realize the motives and expectations of the game players themselves. It is beyond their understanding, comprehension and ability to inquire, but it exists none-the-less. Some have called this expanded awareness, but this is only true once the pawn has agreed to a pre-set limitation. Pawns are a game piece willingly exercised.

Continuity of events is a flow through time of some ultimate goal that is being worked towards and it does not always flow as you would expect time to flow. This is why intellectualization solidifies the mind into understanding only a limited scope of the entirety of the chain of events. Many times, it just doesn't seem to make sense. But it does.

There was as office created at one time with the title "Director of Timeline and Continuity Affairs" (or some such title), whose purpose was to ensure that the continuity of certain events would be adhered to. The concept of continuity is not a new concept, but it is a concept that is only perceived when the individual has distanced themselves from their own imagination enough to realize that physical universe implants, incidents and operations are all tied together with definite purposes in mind. Please do not mistake these purposes as all being evil and under the spell of the 'bad guy' Xenu. He is a scape goat in more ways than one, but these purposes are greater than that.

Following threads of continuity is like following chains of events. The drawback with events is that many times these are placed sequentially, most times for appearances. Chains are traveled and a realization of some previous state are rehabilitated. Continuity chains weave their way in all sorts of places and many times these chains can be found in the last place that you would look. Of course, this is purposeful activity.

The bottom line here is that when looking at a chain, recognize the differences as they are not all the same. If you treat them all the same, you will run that thetan right into the brick wall of confusion. It just will not make sense.

What I am telling you is that is doesn't make sense. Not until the mind becomes subservient to it's creator and regains it's role as a 'tool'.

When you begin to see a certain interest being played out within particular Internet newsgroups, you can be assured that continuity is at work. Breaking that continuity is sometimes beneficial and sometimes not. You will never know the difference until event continuity is understood.

The next time you hear or read about various events don't take them on an individual basis. They are not unrelated spontaneous events occurring out of the ether of this universe. They contain purpose and a message. It is up to you to make sense of them and to distinguish reality from immersive imagination.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroup using the identity 'Chance-llor' and included the following:

    Entertainment, of dubious value, for your pleasure.



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