Reality, Where Does It Begin?

A dream is illusionary imaginings, in spite of the sensations that are derived from it. Imagination and dream coexist as partners in life experience. 'Reality', the world in which we envision, is much the same.

Other times, other places, all have existence based upon the reality granted to them. What is real to you is real, nothing else is. 'Truth' survives as the reality in which it is placed.

Universes contain experiential potential to the degree of one's own reality. By being bound with our imaginings, we create our experience and live through them, whether positive or negative. We create the world for our own pleasure.

Pictures of the past and future are very 'real' on the time track assigned to keep things 'orderly', but this exists within the same reality as we create our perception. You see what you create.

Reality is finite and intellectually understandable. Alternate realities, the same. All realities share the same construct and contain within them, not the key to freedom, but the key to our methods of existence. Realities of existence is immortality's entertainment and the playground of experience.

Gaining experience, we 'understand' what we already know. Sometimes, playing a joke on oneself can be the best joke of all.1

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