Re: Fifth Invader Battle Plans And Processes

Alien forces carrying on individual operations on selected planets is pretty commonplace. We could take the egotistical view and say that only this planet contains all the 'right' ingredients and that mind-based technology has come to a decisive head here, but the universe is large and the planets and dominating forces many. Many an individual can say the same about other planets of occupation. Where the body is, home can be created.

Disengaging from 'reality' becomes difficult when the individual has already bought the movie theatre ticket. In other words, agreements have been made, exchange has taken place and now the play must run it's course. I am being deliberately non-specific here.

This may sound as if 'spiritual cause' is in a negative position, but it is not. It begins easily and it ends easily, except sometimes opposition plans must be uncovered before a full recovery is made.

You can d-jack from 'reality' at any point. Of course, not many do simply because they like the circumstances, but it is easily doable and obtainable. By the way, there are known specific steps for this whole process - these forces know their stuff.

Once an individual questions 'reality' it pops up a flag on the case. From there reprogramming is accomplished according to the desired outcome. Few come to the point of exteriorizing from 'reality'. For those that do, shock and disbelief await. Past that, escape is made possible, but many times 'reality' feels much better than what is being faced outside of it.

The kicker in all this is the route of 'escape'. Disengaging from 'reality', the individual usually floats up and away from the scene. It is at this time that the blankness comes in and it feels as if the event is over. What I would encourage those who explore this situation, is to examine that blankness and not to leave the incident incomplete by overlooking the routines that are automatically put into place during this period of 'disinterest'.

'Between lives' and this blankness period have much in common.

Some individuals have tried the 'don't mind me I work here' routine. Others have tried to 'wake up' everyone around them. Others still, take the destruction route. Realize that 'reality' doesn't end where you may 'think' it ends.

Courage stands alone when terrorized thoughts have departed.

This is written from a Fifth Invader Force situation viewpoint and does not apply elsewhere.

While you are at it, take at look at the reasons for your ticket buying frenzy in the first place and know that there are a whole lot of others in the same boat for the same reasons.

Spiritual freedom gives you the right to create stupidity. It also gives you the right to create intelligence. The individual tends to vacillate back and forth on these two poles through time. I bet you didn't know that along with your ticket, you got a free ride as well. :-)

I am going to take a shot in the dark on the request for superuser access. In my experience I've seen these guys use a special panel to access the system. If you were to find the main control room, which is usually at the very end of a long hallway (the longest one in the building, for other reasons as well), there is the main access station directly ahead. This is where you will find the busy bees working and scurrying to and fro. These are the maintenance crew and have zero knowledge of any routines that you will want to 'mess' with.

Standard operation procedure is to have the room cleared for 'major upgrades'. The reason is that the station you see directly ahead is maintenance only. You will not get the kind of access that you need there. The display panel is built on a bumped out platform. Look underneath and you will see two metal covers held together with a circular key lock. This lock usually has mild to no security attached to it. Pick it, bash it, use a bone ripped out of an assailant. Just about anything will do.

The 'upgrade' panel is designed to swing down and up and be at the same level as the maintenance panel. Now you can comfortably hack away.

I suggest applying a bit of intelligence while performing these procedures.

It's been documented, and used quite successfully, that some officers are pretty lazy when it comes to codes and access security. Look on the back of the panel, under the panel platform and within the panel recess for notes, whether on some sort of document or even scratched or etched on the station material itself.

Just follow the obvious access routine. If you are successful up to this point, access 'upgrade' (number 3) and enter 'repair'. You are on your own after that, just make sure that you know what you are doing.

There is a hardware option, but this tends to destroy the biologicals attached to the system. I don't recommend it. The processing routines are harder to figure out, but much safer if you screw up. Don't ask me how I know. :-)

There are a number of these types of 'centers' in various locations. It is not necessary to wake all the dead because then you will be bogged down in rehabilitation. Be selective in what you do and your ethical actions will see you through.

Is this a science fiction story? Sure it is. It's also entertainment. Don't forget that.

Oh yeah, if you are really feeling full of gusto, when an 'attendant' discovers that you have unplugged and comes over to you, tell them that "Gordo has sent me to tell you that you can go now." Use some intention. I'd really like to hear back on that one.1

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    Just a comment here for consideration as additional entertainment.



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