Lost In A Dream

Lost in a world of reverie, what is it that we seek to learn and understand? Dreaming of days gone by, we slumber within ourselves wondering about the meanings. Quietly we digress, lost in thought. Stirring ever so slightly, we see the edge of imagination and pull back in fright. Our slumber has enthralled us and captured our attention. Breaking free means little to those who wish for a sleepy day of rest.

Lost in shadows, we yearn to feast our eyes upon the light. Dreaming, we realize that the dream we live is the dream we make. Waking is not an option.

Slowly time fades and ever so slowly we realize that the forthcoming dawn is of our own choosing. Sleepily we arise casting the dreams of night away only to realize that the dreams had become reality along the way. Ever so slightly, we lift our eyes in search of the One who can help. Searching endlessly, we arrive at Ourselves, welcoming the new day with open arms.

Streaming from lifetime to lifetime, our hurried pace belies the fact of there being no place to hurry to. Fooling ourselves takes all of our efforts at eternity. Nothing can resist the changeless change of what we are.

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