Dream Well

Immortality survives by it's very nature of existence. When words become concepts, glossed over by modern day journalistic pride, the concepts become once again words with the difference being that they are now hollow.

Flows of thought rambling through convoluted statements hypnotize the reader into understanding nothing but the loss of time. The art of understanding is no more.

Wending it's way to and for, the thoughts which seek an avenue of expression finds itself immersed within illusion and shadowy forms of substance which remains suppressed and hidden. The new age of understanding is the new age of illusion.

Look around you and see where you have arrived. Enjoy your stay but please remember that there are rules in which you must abide. Understanding is not restricted to the elite, educated or well-to-do. It is strictly reserved for the few who lead the band marching down the main street of this planet.

Wonderland is beneath your feet while your head is above the clouds. The spectacles you see are the reflection of your dreams.

Dream well my friend, for the awakening will surely come to rouse the weary from their slumbering illusion called living.

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