Breaking The Ties That Bind; Scientology As A Mind-Set

As is true within all groups, a certain amount of exclusivity occurs in order to enhance the bonds of being within a "special" group of "special" people doing "special" things. From Scientology, to the family unit, exclusivity occurs. This exclusiveness, which we carry as individuals as well, keeps us individualized and introverted. The expression, "No man is an island", takes on new meaning when we examine how individualistic we really are. This push for sovereignty carries the purpose of restricting ourselves in such a way as to encourage our imaginations to solidify into reality. We make our existence.

Existing within Scientology, particular beliefs are pampered, encouraged and enforced. Once outside of this group, these beliefs turn the world in which we see, upside down. Shaking those beliefs usually means acquiring another set of beliefs in the process. All that is accomplished is exchanging one problem for another.

Breaking ties with beliefs requires that another not take it's place. Suffering with the effects of our actions, pain forces us to look elsewhere, when all that need be done is to face the pain of loss and accept that it can only be as strong as you make it.

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