Be Brave, Be Yourself

From religious beliefs to our own individual thoughts, realization is constantly used as a reminder that our embodiment in physical form contains meaning only within the framework of spirituality and even then, the form seems of little import. Wrapped within pictures, our existence takes a back seat to purposes which seem beyond our control. It is that control point which must be explored and understood. All that is beyond our control is ourselves. That is a very weird statement, but if you get the meaning of it, the weird becomes the flowering of realization.

You are defined by your thoughts and your actions. Without those crutches, the identity ceases to exist. The question becomes, to what extent will an individual go to ensure that their individuality remain firmly in place? What better way to explore that affirmation then to accept the identities of others to ensure the survivability of one's own?

Being and expressing who and what you are does not rest upon others. Quite the contrary. If you become afraid of yourself, how easy it becomes to avoid all else.

Courage can be defined as the action of being yourself in spite of attempts by others to have you do otherwise.

A brave heart shares its' glory by it's very presence.

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